2016 Chalk Walk Winners

adult_1stplaceAdult First Place – Sarah Ikegami, “Mama”

adult_2ndplaceAdult Second Place – Katie Bush, “Wolf”

adult_3rdplaceAdult Third Place – Leslie Phillips and Taylor Wilkins, “Autumn Fox”

highschool_1stplaceHigh School First Place – Stephanie Tian

highschool_2ndplaceHigh School Second Place – Mary Majure, “Keep Portland Weird”

highschool_3rdplaceHigh School Third Place – Ashley Thompson, Parasite Thongyoung and Joseph Scott, “David Bowie”

middleschool_1stplaceMiddle School First Place – Tucker Ramsey, Jackson Aull, Sutter Guttery, Cooper Patnode, Vincent Mercer and Cole Allison, “Dragon”

middleschool_2ndplaceMiddle School Second Place – Maya Hessler, “Fox and Moon”

middleschool_3rdplaceMiddle School Third Place – Michael Lotz and Mason Dove, “Octopus”

middleschool_honorablemention2Middle School Honorable Mention – Kate Zaparaniuk, Katie Brandt Braswell, “Sandy Springs is Turtle-y Awesome”

middleschool_honorablemention1Middle School Honorable Mention – Kiona Hcndryx, Kendall Sladen, Kate Christian, Jane Holliday and Bella Vargas, “Shark and Fish”