City Gallery

Current Exhibit

The Fran Scher exhibit kicked off with an artist reception on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.  A Sandy Springs resident, her current focus is abstract art. 

“When people ask, ‘what does abstract art mean?,’ my reply is, ‘what does music mean?’ It is about how music and art make you feel. It is a dialogue that the artist begins and the viewer gets to finish. The dialogue is different every time you view the art, not because anything changes on the canvas, but because of what changes in you.”  

Scher’s works will be on display during business hours in the City Hall lobby through the beginning of August. 

Past Exhibits

The Sandy Springs City Hall Gallery resumed public art exhibitions on February 16th, 2023, featuring the works of local artist Lorraine Christie, known for her unique blend of palette knife and brush techniques.

The Thursday evening opening reception was well attended. Mayor Rusty Paul expressed excitement, stating the community prioritizes celebrating local talent.

Christie’s exhibition runs until May, with the city planning quarterly exhibitions curated by Art Sandy Springs.